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First add sets of two or three numbers, then add these sums to obtain the total. The result is fewer mistakes.

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Better yet, keep your eye open for combinations that add to 10 or 15, and work with mental addition of three addends. Add: 1. Add: E. Arrange vertically and add: 1. Brain Boosters Brain Boosters are more difficult and more fun than the regular problems.

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What is the total weight of the Mighty Kiters? At lunch the other day, John the calorie counter ate the following: one slice of whole wheat bread, 55 calories; cream cheese and honey on the bread, calories; yogurt, calories; fresh blackberries, 45 calories. What was his total calorie count for the meal? Business During the first three months of the year, Balloons.

Which sum is greater? Building Construction The Happy Helper building materials supplier has four piles of bricks containing , , , and bricks. What is the total number of bricks on hand?

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  • What was its total income for this quarter? Calculator Problems The following problems are designed to be solved using a calculator. Be careful to estimate the answer before doing the calculation. The answers to these problems are in the Appendix. Write in the Minuend Subtrahend Difference The minuend is the larger of the two numbers in the problem.

    It is the number that is being decreased. The subtrahend is the number that is being subtracted from the minuend.

    The difference is the amount that must be added to the subtrahend to produce the minuend. It is the answer to the subtraction problem. The ability to solve simple subtraction problems depends on your knowledge of the addition of one-digit numbers. Four added to what number gives nine? Try it: four plus five equals nine. Now try a more difficult subtraction problem. What is the first step? The second step is to write the numbers in a vertical format as you did with addition. Be careful to keep the ones digits in line in one column, the tens digits in a second column, and so on.

    Notice that the minuend is written above the subtrahend—larger number on top.

    Suppose we need to subtract 8 from We estimate the answer to be about Second, arrange the numbers vertically in columns. We are actually regrouping or rewriting the minuend. In actual practice we do not write out subtraction problems in expanded form. Their sum should equal the minuend. A measurement number has two parts: a number part giving the size of the quantity and a unit giving a comparison standard for the measurement.

    For example, the winning time for a yard dash is measured to be 9. To add or subtract measurement numbers: 1. Convert all numbers to the same units. Add or subtract the number parts. Attach the common units to the sum or difference. Multiply or divide the number parts. Attach the product or quotient of the units. Borrow one ten from the 20 in to make 16, then borrow one hundred from the in to make Do you want more worked examples of subtraction problems con Subtract: 1.

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    Subtract: C. Brain Boosters 1. The enrollment at Sunshine Tech is If students are men, how many female students are there? Eric had a bad day at marbles. He started the day with and arrived home after school with How many marbles did he lose? It now reads 81, miles.

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    How many miles has he driven in the past year? How much money does Denny Doright save if he buys it at the sale price? Subtract nine thousand, nine hundred nine from twelve thousand, twelve. If you take three apples from a dish containing 13 apples, how many apples do you have? On March 1, Mrs. How much did she have left in her account at the end of the month? Calculator Problems. Solve using a calculator. Subtract 23, from , Subtract , from 2,, The population of San Pablo county was 2,, last year and increased to 2,, this year.

    By what amount did the population grow? The answers to the problems in Problem Set 1—3 are in the Appendix. It is very easy to make a mistake in the borrowing process. How many total points did they score through touchdowns? We can answer the question several ways. Multiplication is a shortcut method of counting or doing repeated addition. How many points did the Waterbugs score? Work it out one way or The multiplier and multiplicand are called the factors of the product. This is the commutative property of multiplication. In order to become skillful at multiplication, you must know the onedigit multiplication table from memory.

    Complete the following table by multiplying the number at the top by the number at the side and placing their product in the proper square.

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    This is true for all one-digit numbers multiplied by 9. Be certain you have these memorized. These times are for community college students enrolled in a developmental math course. When you have 28 and continue.

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    If you are not able to perform these one-digit multiplications quickly from memory, you should practice until you can do so. A multiplication table is provided in the back of this book page Find this product. What are the first The actual product of the multiplication will be about Second, arrange the factors to be multiplied vertically, with the ones digits in a single column, the tens digits in a second column, and so on. Notice that when a single number multiplies a sum, it forms a product with each addend in the sum.

    Write the following multiplication in expanded form.