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He displayed a wide variety of his wares side by side in museum-style fabric-lined cases encircling the balcony of the Fountain Court. Many were of large scale, notably a blue iridescent glass vase with a decoration of deep blue leaves Fig. In addition to glass, Tiffany retained many fine examples of enamelware that his workshops began producing in about Like several others his studios produced, the shape echoed the decoration of the individual vegetal forms and it displayed a range of finishes from the lightly mottled background to the lustrous opaque enamel of the fruits.

Like many of the windows at Laurelton Hall, this plaque was shown at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in Tiffany acquired numerous Chinese and Japanese works of art throughout his life, and displayed many of them in a Japanese room and a Chinese pavilion at Laurelton Hall. His diverse collections included extensive holdings of rare carpets, thousands of Japanese tsuba sword guards , prints, lacquer ware, and screens, as well as Chinese furniture, jades, and two delicate Chinese imperial headdresses Fig. Each is intricately worked with silver gilt and covered with jewels, brilliant blue kingfisher feathers, and motifs of peacocks, butterflies, and lotus blossoms.

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Tiffany also formed a substantial collection of Native American baskets, beaded buckskin dresses, miniature baby carriers, and saddlebags, carved horn, sealskin objects, and even a tall totem he placed in his mile-long drive. He acquired a large number of California and Northwest coast baskets on travels to the West, which he often made in the company of Hudson River School painter and interior designer Samuel Colman — Sold at the auction, most of the items remain unidentified.

The Earliest Photographs of the United States of America: Part 1 (1840's)

One exception was the group purchased by Electra Havemeyer Webb that she ultimately gave to the Shelburne Museum, which she founded in Among the highlights of this group is a large basket with a boldly imbricated design highlighted in red wool Fig. The most ambitious installation in the current exhibition was the erection of the pergola-like structure that extended from the corridor off the dining room into the gardens and was known as the Daffodil Terrace. Virtually all but two columns have been in storage at the Morse Museum since the fire.

The eight white marble-faceted columns on octagonal bases supported fanciful capitals composed of brilliant yellow glass daffodils on green glass stems. Tiffany built the terrace around a living pear tree.

Iridescent blue panes made of glass and lead surrounded the tree, which created the impression of looking at the pear tree through a trellis with a bright blue sky in the background. The terrace integrated the interior and exterior spaces of the house and sums up, in part, Laurelton Hall itself in its incorporation of elements from the near East and imaginative motifs from nature.

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Laurelton Hall was the ultimate expression of the artistry and design of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Every aspect of the house and grounds was carefully considered as a completely controlled work of art. Laurelton Hall was a unique testament to the cultures and ideas that stirred his creativity. The findings of the expedition Forsyth County: Twentieth-Century Changes.

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Forsyth County enjoyed a routine agrarian lifestyle for most of the nineteenth century, witnessing little Forsyth County enjoyed a routine agrarian lifestyle for most of the nineteenth century, witnessing little change to its landscape after the initial clearing of the lands once owned by Cherokee Indians. After the hardships of the Depression years, farming techniques Greenbelt is a planned community built in as part of Pres.

Franklin D.

Roosevelt's New Deal. One of three green towns established during the Great Depression, the project put struggling Americans to work, provided low-income housing in the Washington, The story of Killeen is aptly called a tale of two cities. Killeen was founded The original town contained Latinos in Pasadena. Histories of Pasadena are rich in details about important citizens, time-honored traditions, and storied enclaves Histories of Pasadena are rich in details about important citizens, time-honored traditions, and storied enclaves such as Millionaires Row and Lamanda Park.

by Kossoff, Roberta; Henkin Landau, Annette

But the legacies of Mexican Americans and other Latino men and women who often worked for Pasadena's rich Legendary Locals of Saginaw, Michigan. The Shiawassee, Tittabawassee, and Saginaw It was here that Native Americans lived long before the first white man came.

Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall

Narragansett By-the-Sea. Washington Township. Mark United Methodist Church. Sisters of Notre Dame of Cleveland. San Antonio's Historic Hotels.

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