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Are you able to press "Q" to make the track play forward and "W" to make the track play backwards? What kind of turntables are you using? If you have tried reversing it using the shortcuts, there is not any other reasons why your track will be playing backwards other than the polarity is inverted incorrectly plugged RCAs. Can you just double check that you have the cables in the correct polarity on both the input of the mixer and the input of the SL 1? Red to red, white to white.

Just trying to make sure everything is checked :. As of October , none of these terms have been accepted as official entries in the Oxford English Dictionary. Lon Nol — was Prime Minister of Cambodia. Some people have changed their name in order to make of it a palindrome such as actor Robert Trebor and rock-vocalist Ola Salo , while others were given a palindromic name at birth such as the philologist Revilo P. Oliver or the flamenco dancer Sara Baras.

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There are also palindromic names in fictional media. The s pop band ABBA is a palindrome using the starting letter of the first name of each of the four band members. A palindromic number is a number whose digits, with decimal representation usually assumed, are the same read backward, for example, They are studied in recreational mathematics where palindromic numbers with special properties are sought.

A palindromic prime is a palindromic number that is a prime number , for example, and The question of whether Lychrel numbers exist is an unsolved problem in mathematics about whether all numbers become palindromes when they are continuously reversed and added. Numbers such as are thought to never become palindromes when this reversal process is carried out and are therefore suspected to be Lychrel numbers.

If a number is not a Lychrel number, it is called a "delayed palindrome" 56 has a delay of 1 and 59 has a delay of 3. Several smaller delay palindromes were published separately as A Remarkably, a paper has demonstrated that every positive integer can be written as the sum of three palindromic numbers in every number system with base 5 or greater.

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A phonetic palindrome is a portion of speech that is identical or roughly identical when reversed. It can arise in context where language is played with, for example in slang dialects like verlan. Talk, Roy", and "You're damn mad, Roy". Joseph Haydn 's Symphony No. In the third movement, a minuet and trio , the second half of the minuet is the same as the first but backwards, the second half of the ensuing trio similarly reflects the first half, and then the minuet is repeated.

Lambert claimed that the theme was dictated to him by the ghost of Bernard van Dieren , who had died in British composer Robert Simpson also composed music in the palindrome or based on palindromic themes; the slow movement of his Symphony No. His hour-long String Quartet No.


All of Simpson's thirty-two variations are themselves palindromic. It is essentially a dramatic palindrome. Through the first half, a tragedy unfolds between two lovers, involving jealousy, murder and suicide. Then, in the reversing second half, this is replayed with the lines sung in reverse order to produce a happy ending.

The music of Anton Webern is often palindromic. Webern, who had studied the music of the Renaissance composer Heinrich Isaac , was extremely interested in symmetries in music, be they horizontal or vertical.

An example of horizontal or linear symmetry in Webern's music is the first phrase in the second movement of the symphony , Op. A striking example of vertical symmetry is the second movement of the Piano Variations , Op.

From this, each downward reaching interval is replicated exactly in the opposite direction. Just as the letters of a verbal palindrome are not reversed, so are the elements of a musical palindrome usually presented in the same form in both halves. Although these elements are usually single notes, palindromes may be made using more complex elements.

For example, Karlheinz Stockhausen 's composition Mixtur , originally written in , consists of twenty sections, called "moments", which may be permuted in several different ways, including retrograde presentation, and two versions may be made in a single program. When the composer revised the work in , he prescribed such a palindromic performance, with the twenty moments first played in a "forwards" version, and then "backwards". Each moment, however, is a complex musical unit, and is played in the same direction in each half of the program.

It is a perfect example of Goeyvaerts's aesthetics, the perfect example of the imperfection of perfection. In classical music , a crab canon is a canon in which one line of the melody is reversed in time and pitch from the other. This is usually a form of reference to the crucifixion; for example, the Crucifixus movement of Bach's Mass in B minor. The purpose of such palindromic balancing is to focus the listener on the central movement, much as one would focus on the center of the cross in the crucifixion.

A table canon is a rectangular piece of sheet music intended to be played by two musicians facing each other across a table with the music between them, with one musician viewing the music upside down compared to the other. The result is somewhat like two speakers simultaneously reading the Sator Square from opposite sides, except that it is typically in two-part polyphony rather than in unison.

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The longest palindromic word in the Oxford English Dictionary is the onomatopoeic tattarrattat , coined by James Joyce in Ulysses for a knock on the door. Rotavator , a trademarked name for an agricultural machine, is often listed in dictionaries. The term redivider is used by some writers, but appears to be an invented or derived term—only redivide and redivision appear in the Shorter Oxford Dictionary. Malayalam , a language of southern India, is of equal length. According to Guinness World Records , the Finnish letter word saippuakivikauppias a soapstone vendor , is the world's longest palindromic word in everyday use.

In most genomes or sets of genetic instructions, palindromic motifs are found. The meaning of palindrome in the context of genetics is slightly different, however, from the definition used for words and sentences.


Since the DNA is formed by two paired strands of nucleotides , and the nucleotides always pair in the same way Adenine A with Thymine T , Cytosine C with Guanine G , a single-stranded sequence of DNA is said to be a palindrome if it is equal to its complementary sequence read backward. A palindromic DNA sequence may form a hairpin.

Palindromic motifs are made by the order of the nucleotides that specify the complex chemicals proteins that, as a result of those genetic instructions, the cell is to produce. An earlier version of this article misstated the percentage of emergency room visits caused by falls. They account for more than a third of injury-related visits, not of all visits.

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Move The Right Way to Fall. The Far-Reaching Effects of a Fall. A Rise in Falls.