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Camouflage NYC Presents: GHOST SHIP!

First theorized in the 50s, the clouds are said to gather around the semi-stable Lagrange points L4 and L5, where gravitational forces maintain the relative position of objects and which move around the Earth as the Moon moves in its orbit. But they are so faint that their very existence is questionable. The Japanese Hiten space probe, for example, failed to detect the clouds using the Munich Dust Counter, an impact ionization detector designed to determine mass and velocity of cosmic dust, when it passed through the L4 and L5 points in Mosaic pattern of the angle of polarization around the L5 point white dot of the Earth-Moon The five rectangular windows correspond to the fields of view of the imaging polarimetric telescope with which the polarization patterns of the Kordylewski dust cloud were measured.

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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Luigi Time!!!

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Todos Rock Gospel Sertanejo Mais. Lalala feat. The story is set in and details the account of a top secret space ship called Ghost-1 , built by the American organization known as Sector 7. The ship was built by examining and reverse engineering the frozen remains of the Transformer Megatron. Sent into space at the same time as Apollo 11 to hide its trail, the ship is sent to orbit the far side of Jupiter to look for any more alien activity. However, the ship falls into a wormhole that was apparently accidentally created by them due to a slingshot around the sun and emerges in an unknown part of the galaxy - where it is not alone.

The Ark and the Nemesis arrive, intrigued by the ship's Cybertronian design.

PN Review: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Pure Nintendo

Starscream leads the Decepticons on an attack as the humans flee. Bumblebee pursues them, as does Starscream, who hopes to annihilate the ship - and any traces of Megatron with it. Putting Bumblebee to flight, Starscream communicates with Ghost-1 , pretending to be benevolent.

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  • Scanning their computers, he learns of the existence of the Allspark and Megatron and decides to string them along by telling them of the war. He hopes to provoke them into firing on the "evil" Autobots, who will destroy them.

    Optimus Prime arrives, having fought off Blackout 's attack in orbit, saving Bumblebee from giant rock-chewing worms. They encounter Starscream and Ghost-1 , who fire on them, burying them in the cave with more worms.

    PN Review: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

    The humans, meanwhile, have become suspicious of Starscream's intentions, noting differences in the behaviors of his and Prime's. When their ship sinks into a sinkhole, Starscream betrays them and leaves them for dead. When Prime and Bumblebee cross paths with the ship underground, the Autobots communicate with the humans, who tell them of the in-stasis Megatron.