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After giving Gobinag the camel his water supply, Gobinag assisted him in crossing the desert. The pair arrived at the hunters' hideaway, the Zoo. Urso entered the Zoo, and found many other animals in cages. He proceeded to pick the locks and set them free; he then ordered the creatures to lock the sleeping guards in their former cages while he entered the nearby Palace, where his little bears were being kept.

The Lord mocked Urso, however the Little Father entangled the man's thumbs in his lengthy mustache, incapacitating him. When he tried to call for his guards, Urso called upon the freed Zoo animals, who gave chase to the men and captured the Lord of All Sands. Urso freed his bears and their geese friends, and had a large celebration in the Palace with the rest of the animals.

All of the humans were locked in cages to learn a lesson in civility.

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The first image of a polar bear in North America proper adorns a world map from , usually ascribed to the Venetian Sebastian Cabot. The son of an explorer, Cabot first chased the Northwest Passage funded by merchants and later in the service of Spain and England. His map has the Arctic Circle at the approximate latitude, and two bears just south of it, in what today is northern Quebec, Canada. The bears, with their tongues lolling, seem to be either salivating or panting. Desceliers belonged to a group of chart makers in Dieppe, France, who broadcast French and Portuguese conquests in the New World through their maps.

The color of these bears is off, but a few clues indicate they are most likely polar bears.

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As well, two of the three bears frolic on ice floes, which grizzlies reportedly never do. With a growing body of knowledge from whalers and walrus hunters sailing the Arctic, depictions of the more northerly latitudes and their inhabitants became increasingly accurate. However, the newer maps also reveal distortions. Their polar bear counterpart appears wolf like. On the Bertius map, a polar sea rumored to be ice-free year-round lies enclosed by a landmass dissected by four narrow channels. This fiction endured. In , the American physician Isaac Israel Hayes tried to break through a bulwark of pack ice in search for this open stretch.

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And as late as , the American Museum of Natural History sponsored an expedition to find Crocker Land, a huge island Robert Peary claimed to have sighted in , but did not exist. Even this narrow cartographic slice from 1, years of contact between Europeans and polar bears shows that the white bear has meant different things to different people.

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The bear-girl climbed to the top of the big, high rock and told her family that there would be seven stars in the shape of a diamond appear in the east; she said the first star out would be off to one side and would be brighter than the other stars. The first star would be called "Broken Chest Star.

It was recorded on August 19, A band of Cheyennes went on one of their visits to Na Kovehe Bear Lodge to worship the great spirit, as did many other tribes. Families and all members of the tribe came, as Bear Lodge was known as a holy place. After having camped there for several days one of the Cheyenne braves noticed that his wife was gone from camp, staying away for a short time.

As time went on, he noticed that she was gone longer than before. This brave could not understand why his wife should be gone from their lodge so much as he had always been devoted to her, being a good hunter as well as a brave warrior. She always had much buffalo, antelope and deer meat.

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He furnished her fine skins to make nice clothes. Becoming suspicious that some other brave in his band might be courting his wife, he watched to see what man was missing when his wife left camp. He found that no man was missing when his wife was gone. This man also saw that his wife had a skin over her shoulders, which she did not wear before coming to this camp.

One day when she had been gone longer than usual, he laid in wait for her. On her return her asked her where she had been and what drew her from camp so much of the time. She would not answer any of his questions.

Then the man became mad and tore the skin from her shoulders and saw that she was covered with scratches. He demanded that she tell him which man had abused her. Becoming frightened at the way her husband was acting, she told him that she had been charmed by a very big bear that lived in the big rock. The bear had no mate and had become infatuated with her while she was out gathering fruit. Fearing for the safety of the camp, she had submitted to the bear's embraces, which accounted for the scratches on her shoulders.

Then the warrior told his wife to lead him to the bear so he could kill it. When they found the bear the man had great fear because the bear was big, very big. The bear slapped the woman with his paw and changed her into a bear.

The man ran to the camp to get the rest of the braves to help him kill the big bear. They found the bear had crawled into a cave, leaving his hind feet in the door. The bear's feet were so big that nobody could get past them. They could not get close enough to the bear to kill him so they shot at his feet to make him come out.

When the bear came out he was so big that all the warriors were scared and climbed up on a big rock. These men were so scared that they prayed to the Great Spirit to save them.

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In answer to their prayers, the rock began to grow up out of the ground and when it stopped it was very high. The bear jumped at the men and on the fourth jump his claws were on the top. The Great Spirit had helped the men and now they had great courage and they shot the bear and killed him. When the bear fell backwards and pushed the big rock, the big rock leaned.

After that the bear-woman made this big rock her home, so the Cheyennes call it "Bear Lodge. Samuel Weasel Bear acted as an interpreter.